Seaport Food Lab is Back

Seaport Food Lab, the exclusive downtown pop-up dining event of the year, is back at Seaport District NYC. This year features 8 pioneering chefs, 6 unique culinary experiences in 1-week residencies. 

Seaport Food Lab is located at 203 Front Street.

2018 LINE UP


October 17 - 21

America’s New Favorite Southern Chef

A small taste of the menu:
NC jumbo lump crab salad with cider mayo, grilled cornbread, and chili garlic benne oil
Smoked porcini braised greens with cider
Roasted tomato cobbler with thyme and horseradish

What do a diner, a speakeasy, a fried chicken joint, a burger bar, and a restaurant dedicated to the art of cooking with wood fire have in common? Well, they constitute the stunning legacy that Ashley Christensen has built in Raleigh, NC by reworking the classics into thrilling new experiences. It’s earned her national praise and top recognition from the James Beard Foundation, Food & Wine, Eater, and the New York Times.

But the best part is, when you dine at one of her five restaurants, she and her team strive to make you feel you’re in one of the best places in the world, which, thanks to Ashley’s prolific philanthropic efforts outside of the kitchen, you are. And now you don’t have to leave Manhattan to experience her hospitality, because she’s bringing her famous Macaroni Au Gratin — and a whole lot more — to Seaport Food Lab.

September 12 - 16

The Queen of Mozzarella from California

When Wolfgang Puck opened the legendary Spago, it was arguably not his cooking that drew initial praise. In fact, it was the pastries created by up-and-comer Nancy Silverton. Flash forward three and a half decades, and Nancy has left her indelible mark on both Los Angeles, and the hearts of diners alike.

The recipient of multiple James Beard awards, Nancy is a dogged perfectionist —a mad scientist who exemplifies the ten-thousand-hour rule. To see what all the fuss is about, plan a trip to the Michelin-starred Osteria Mozza the next time you’re in LA. Much easier (not to mention more exclusive) would be reserving a plate at Nancy’s dinner when she comes to Seaport Food Lab. You will not be disappointed.

All of Nancy Silverton’s Dinners are Sold Out.

September 19 - 23

Showstopping Primal Cuts from the Chef Behind the Iconic Beatrice Inn

A small taste of the menu:
Chicken Liver Pate, blackberry conserva, whole grain mustard, baguette
Salt Baked Fish en Flambe, walnuts, Asian pears, pink peppercorn, rosemary
Cherry Clafoutis, smoked honey whipped cream

You don’t just sit down for dinner when Angie Mar is cooking. You get swept away by the rich experiences of meat, fire, and history of food -all from a chef whose passion for creativity knows no bounds. In 2016, Angie took ownership of the Greenwich Village mainstay The Beatrice Inn, and completely reinvented the menu as a means of letting the world know her own unique - and completely thrilling - cooking style.

A standout star whose food, perspective, and unabashed love of all things meat has been lauded by The New York Times, Food & Wine, the James Beard Foundation, and the Michelin Guide, Angie is creating a culinary celebration like no other at Seaport Food Lab - so grab a seat while you still can.

September 26 - 30

New York State Butchers with a Major Obsession for Beef

A small taste of the menu:
Puffed Tendon - togarashi, nori
Tartare - ponzu, daikon, yuzu kosho
Crispy Beef Shank - Thai chile, lime, mint
Lollipop kale
Tempura Delicata squash
Candied ginger ice cream

Typically, it’s easy to forget that the butchers at the butcher shop have a deep well of both knowledge and skill. That is, unless your butchers are Jocelyn Guest and Erika Nakamura. In that case, their effervescent charm and wisdom are exceeded only by the sheer delight you absorb with each perfectly cut morsel. They’ve honed their good vibes as the star butchers of the Upper West fave White Gold, in their new joint venture J&E SmallGoods, and on their impeccable Instagram feeds.

The two bring immensely sharp wit and charming personality to everything they do. If you’re fortunate enough to get a ticket, you’ll witness a live nose-to-tail carving, which will be as educational and entertaining as it will be mouthwatering. 


October 3 - 7

Rosio Sanchez Brings a Taste of Mexico (via Europe) to Seaport Food Lab 

Fans of David Chang and Netflix’s Ugly Delicious will know Rosio Sanchez. 

The Chicago born chef runs three of Europe’s most celebrated Mexican restaurants, including Hija de Sanchez (earlier this year voted Best Street Food in Europe) and the eponymous Sanchez (recently recognized as Best New Restaurant in Copenhagen). 

Growing up eating the Mexican food of her heritage, Sanchez began cooking professionally at nineteen and worked with some of America’s most respected chefs, including Wylie Dufresne at WD-50, before moving to Copenhagen, Denmark, where she worked alongside René Redzepi at the internationally acclaimed restaurant noma. In 2015, Rosio left noma to reconnect with her Mexican roots and open the first Hija de Sanchez. She now brings her taste of Mexico to New York City for Seaport Food Lab. 

All of Rosio Sanchez’s Dinners are Sold Out.

October 10 - 14

Modern Israeli Food from two of the Best Chefs in Philly

A small taste of the menu:
Delicata Squash, fermented tomato harif, kashkaval
Tabbouleh, barley, persimmon, Bulgarian feta
Tuna Crudo, celery, urfa, olive
Shaved Lamb Leg, pistachio, sour cherry, fennel, apple

2018 James Beard Rising Star Camille Cogswell and Eater Young Gun 2018 Caitlin McMillan, both of the CookNSolo restaurant empire, spin traditional Israeli flavors into modern masterpieces. When they join forces during Seaport Food Lab, they’ll create a vibrant Israeli family dinner to wow all, full of innovative technique and creative twists. And there’s no more perfect place to be a part of that than on the waterfront of the East River, so don’t miss it.

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