Lobster GoGo

Quick Service Lobster Rolls & Seafood


Located at 190 Front Street, New York, NY 10038

Open Monday – Thursday and Saturday from 11:30am – 7pm, Friday from 11:30am - 8pm, Sunday 11:30am - 5pm


 (212) 809-4646

The Intelligent Indulgence

Enjoy the distinctive taste of delicious Maine lobster rolls in the heart of the Seaport District. Lobster GoGo serves high-quality lobster, shrimp and crab rolls with take-out speed in a sleek, quick-service dining spot on Front Street.

Drop by for your choice of North Atlantic lobster, sweet shrimp or lump crab served in a toasted bun brushed with butter—or on top of a bed of organic field greens. Whichever option you choose, you can count on generous portions and the freshest seafood.

From its rolls, soups and salads to its snacks and sweets, Lobster GoGo is dedicated to using sustainable, non-GMO, locally grown ingredients. Maine lobsters are sourced from the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean and salads feature Gotham Greens, grown in rooftop greenhouses in Queens. Snack items like North Fork Potato Chips and Feed Your Soul cookies are sourced locally, too.