The Lincoln Motor Company

As the Official Vehicle of Seaport District NYC and Pier 17, the Lincoln Motor Company is creating exceptional experiences at the Seaport all year long. Seaport District NYC has gone through a significant transformation to become a premier destination for distinctive entertainment offerings, world-class restaurants, and diverse retail spaces. Lincoln is changing the way you purchase and own a modern luxury vehicle with The Lincoln Way™. As the only luxury automaker to offer nationwide Pickup & Delivery Servicing™, Lincoln will be showcasing more of its enhanced client services at Seaport District NYC in order to bring its distinctly warm and personally crafted ownership experiences to life.








The Lincoln Summerhouse will be open from 11:00am–7:00pm on the following dates: July 18–22, August 1–5, August 21–26, September 3–10, September 25–30.

No two owners are alike, so why the one-size-fits-all approach to test-drive experiences? Lincoln wants to give you control over your test-drive by allowing you to customize everything from your mode to your music to the position of your moonroof. All you need to do is make your selections ahead of time and our on-site specialists will make sure that everything is taken care of by the time you step into your chosen vehicle. After you’ve enjoyed your scenic drive through the historic streets of lower Manhattan, you can wind down with some soothing sounds and sweet treats at the Lincoln Summerhouse. Begin your customized test-drive experience here.