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Inspiring Moments of Surprise & Delight

Lincoln doesn’t just engineer exquisite vehicles — we craft sanctuaries that move you through the world swiftly and smoothly. With a design philosophy centered on quiet flight and convenient services like Lincoln Pickup & Delivery,™* our offerings elevate your lifestyle through effortless luxury.


The Seaport District is excited to be open again and welcome guests back to enjoy Lincoln pop-up experiences. Check out the previous activations we’ve hosted below and take a virtual test-drive from the comfort of home with the Lincoln Showcase.



Enjoying a Winter Retreat

To celebrate the holidays in a safe and relaxing way, Lincoln took over the rooftop cabins at Seaport for the 12 Days of Well. Guests were invited to enjoy festive dishes in the comfort of their own private cabin, featuring classic winter decor, a virtual fireplace, scenic views of the skyline and, of course, heaters. This cozy experience came complete with in-cabin calming kits and treats to reduce seasonal stress.

Relaxing on the Rooftop

Lincoln welcomed guests to enjoy a rooftop drive-in movie inside a Lincoln. The evening’s entertainment included private mini-lawns, unlimited gourmet refreshments, a feature film and a special showing of The Journey of Cas Haley, a story of success about the Lincoln Corsair Chart Your Course competition winner.

Inviting Summertime Fun

The Lincoln Summerhouse at Seaport hosted an array of music, culture and cuisine events. With Calm meditation sessions and customized test-drives, this destination provided a sweet reprieve in the heat of summer.

Finding Tranquility in Chaos

Lincoln teamed up with musician Anders Rhedin to manipulate the sounds of New York City into a soothing, ambient soundscape. Guests were invited to spend the night glamping under the stars at Seaport, listening to his song.


Bringing the Nautilus to Light

A collaboration between Lincoln, Atlantic Re:Think and SOFTlab created an interactive public artwork that illustrates the response technology featured in the Lincoln Nautilus with a stunning display. This immersive constellation of 95 interactive poles reacts to human touch by producing a personalized expression of light and sound.


*Complimentary Lincoln Pickup & Delivery service is available for all 2017 model-year and newer Lincoln vehicles with the 4-year/50,000 mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Owners of 2016 and prior model-year vehicles and other vehicles not covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty may contact your preferred dealer for related cost and other important details. Mileage limitations may apply.