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South Street Seaport Museum

Carrying on the age-old tradition of small batch job printing, South Street Seaport Museum is home to Bowne & Co., Stationers, New York’s oldest operating business under the same name. Bowne & Co. was established by Robert Bowne in 1775, and grew as a financial printer throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. In 1975, Bowne & Co. Inc. partnered with the Seaport Museum to open a 19th-century-style print shop at 211 Water Street in the South Street Seaport Historic District.

See the 19th-century letterpresses from our collection, buy exquisite cards hand-printed in the shop, create custom printed jobs and chat with artist and master printer Robert Warner about his techniques. Bowne & Co. presents visitors with the unique opportunity to step into another era.”

Temporarily Closed

12 Fulton Street,
New York, NY 10038

(212) 748-8600