Located at 4 Fulton Street, New York, NY 10038


Phone: (646) 964-4232

Open Sunday – Thursday from 11am – 9pm, Friday from 11am-10pm, Saturday from 10am – 10pm

Bookstore & Café

The two-floor store at 4 Fulton Street spans over 7,000 square feet, with windows overlooking the water and the cobblestone streets of the historic district below. In our renovation, we’ve tried to honor the character of the original building, Schermerhorn Row, which was built in 1811. Downstairs, instead of a coffee shop, we will have an elegant, old-world bar and cafe, with indoor (and eventually, outdoor!) seating and table service. Upstairs will be home to an inventory of some 65 thousand titles, focusing on a deep backlist, a substantial children’s section in an airy and spacious room,  and extensive seating—window seats, armchairs, and library tables. We hope that McNally’s signature warmth and expertise, combined with a fabulous new space, will make the store an indispensable part of the neighborhood.