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Sinéad O'Dwyer: In Myself Sinéad O'Dwyer: In Myself
Sinéad O'Dwyer: In Myself Sinéad O'Dwyer: In Myself
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“from one side a thing among things and otherwise what sees them and touches them […] body has this double reference” - Maurice Merleau-Ponty in The Intertwining – The Chiasm

Waves and Archives is pleased to present In Myself- a solo exhibition of the London-based fashion artist Sinéad O’Dwyer. Comprising pieces from her earliest collection 23:19:26, recent collection Martina, and a piece created for an upcoming collaborative performance at the V&A museum, the large-scale exhibition is the artist’s first one in New York.

Sinéad O’Dwyer is best known for the skin-like silicone pieces that adorn the bodies of models, performers, and friends, photographed in numerous editorial shoots and presented in fashion films. Although now predominantly proliferated through images—as fashion artworks often are—they retain a distinctively grounded relationship to the reality of experiences and forms of the persons whose bodies they originally emulate.

Dave Cicirelli: Vanity Project Dave Cicirelli: Vanity Project
Closed Until Further Notice

Wallplay is pleased to present Dave Cicirelli’s Vanity Project. The exhibition includes a series of kinetic and kaleidoscopic immersive sculptures which both celebrate and mock selfie culture in plain sight. The first proof-of-concept for Cicirelli’s infinity shapes in a fine art context presents a preview into the ambitious scope of his latest work-in-progress. Vanity Project aims to shine a light on corrupted public validation, obstructed intimacy, and the aspiration of selfless self-expression.

This is the first publicly accessible version of Cicirelli’s Infinity Cube series. The sculptures allow for video to be integrated into the popularized “infinity” experience, while still preserving an uninterrupted and multiplied landscape. Each work, which contains both mirrored glass and moving image, can best be described playfully as “kinetic and transparent Zwirner-exploited Kusamas’ turned on their head”. Additionally, they are fully observable from the outside. Yet once inside, visitors will only be able to view the interior. This allows for an audience to have two-way mirror access to the self-indulgences of participants who venture within.

The abstract implications of virtual life are distilled through Cicerelli’s repeated landscape. At its most basic level, the sculptures create the illusion of depth—both literally and figuratively. Visitors will step inside the installation to essentially look into a screen, but that screen doubles as a mirror--carrying their own image and reproducing it endlessly.


PhoebeNewYork: Off the Walls

On view March 6 - April 7, 2020

Mon-Fri: 10am-8pm, Sat-Sun: 10am-7pm

Phoebe is the alter ego of artist Libby Schoettle and reflects Libby’s own emotions and perceptions. Phoebe comes to life in collages created with found objects including vintage clothes, book covers and photographs. She is also the subject of line drawings and photographs. Recently, Phoebe stickers and figures have been appearing all over New York, San Francisco and Seattle. Phoebe is an instagram sensation and is adored by her followers for her dark and funny explorations into love and relationships.

About Libby Schoettle

Elizabeth Schoettle was born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. She attended Gettysburg College and studied fashion at Philadelphia University, graduating from Hunter College, with a degree in film production. She is currently working on her first memoir-based novel revealing her life as an artist and is the subject of an upcoming documentary by Canobie Films. Libby lives and works in New York City.

Phoebe NYC Phoebe NYC