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Wave-Field, Variation O

woman helping a child climb on a seesaw

Head down to Seaport Square this month and get ready to play on Wave-Field, Variation O, a series of interactive, glowing seesaws designed to bring people together and light up the night.

Featuring eight seesaws of varying sizes, Wave-Field’s main intention is to give people agency over the urban site the artwork inhabits. All spectators, whether active or passive, are immersed in a heteromorphic soundscape, forming an undulating field that fluctuates between surprising syncopations and abstract sound expansions. Each seesaw is inhabited by a foreign entity, each with its own temperament and its own musical vocabulary. Set in motion, they burst into a menagerie of electric calls that resonate with the site’s urban pulse, blurring the boundaries between sound and landscape.

January 7 – Summer 2020

Located on Seaport Square, next to Pier 17

Wave-Field Project Credits

Lateral Office (Architect & Co-Designer) Mason White, Lola Sheppard, Alex Bodkin | CS Design (Lighting Design & Co-Designer) Conor Sampson, Anne-Marie Paquette  | Mitchell Akiyama (Sound Design) | GeneriqueDesign (Industrial Design) | Robocut (Interaction Design) | EGP Group (Structural Engineering) | Wireframe (Production) | L4 Studio (Production)