A Closer Look At the LA Breakfast Queen and Seaport Food Lab Guest Chef

Chef Jessica Koslow is the force behind the madly popular LA spot SQIRL. Her farmer’s market fresh, breakfast-all-day favorites have made her a household name in the restaurant world. With her two week residency at Seaport Food Lab fast approaching, we dug deep to get the skinny on what else makes Jessica tick. Why 7 things? Well, like her simple yet delicious take on food, just enough of a good thing is the perfect amount.

1) She Is A National Champion Ice Skater. What started as hobby to keep her out of the California sun became a real passion in Jessica’s youth. She skated competitively and spent four years on the US National Team, even being crowned national champion in the School Figure competition in 1999.

2) She Studied Film In College. Like many, Jessica had varied interests as she went off to college. She pursued a minor in film and majored in economics in undergrad and went on to Georgetown to pursue media theory studies. This all led to a job as a producer on Fox’s American Idol, but she left it all behind to pursue her true passion - food.

3) She Has A Huge Sweet Tooth. Being around food all day is temptation enough to indulge. For Jessica that temptation falls squarely in the sweets category. She counts ice cream as one of her major food groups, and she just can’t get enough. She’s known to seek out creameries and parlors the world over, and will travel a fair bit out of the way to get her frozen dairy fix.

4) She Plans On Being A Farmer. Jessica is known for embracing the local farmers that make her food so fresh and delicious. So much so that her weekly visit to the Santa Monica’s famed market sees her clearing out much of her favorite farmer’s selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. She’s so inspired by what local growers bring to her table that she’s planning on trading her apron for overalls on occasion to start up a farm of her own.

5) She Dabbles In Making Kombucha.  As many know, SQIRL started as a jam and preserves company inspired by Jessica’s experience in restaurants down south where pickling is a necessity. She grew that into a business that produced about 35,000 jarred preserves each year. Lately she’s applied that knowledge to try her hand at the fermented and bubbly sweet sensation – Kombucha. It’s still early, but judging from her perfection of jams and jellies that are to-die-for, we’re intrigued.

6) She Has A Dog-Centric Instagram Feed.  Jessica has a soft spot for pooches, and although her heart belongs to her own rescue pup, Münk, she started a feed dedicated to capturing the K-9s that count SQIRL among their watering holes. You can find fun pics of all the furry patrons she’s had a chance to snap on Instagram: @DogsOfSqirl


7) She Checks Out By Swimming Laps. It’s safe to say as chef and owner of a bustling and busy restaurant Jessica’s day gets pretty hectic. A morning swim at her local YMCA is her way of taking time to herself to find some sanity. Why she likes it? She’s a pretty good swimmer, and there’s nowhere else where she can lose the phone and herself in her thoughts.

Jessica will be dishing out her dinner menu of SQIRL inspired favorites and brand new farm fresh delicacies for lucky New Yorkers for two weeks only.

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