Get Your Fill With NYC’s Best Foodie Instagram Accounts

New Yorkers like to eat. And we eat well. Another thing we do well is make the rest of the world envy just how good we have it here. Food is universally loved, and when it comes to your social feeds, nothing stops the scroll and gets the fingers fumbling for the like button quite like a drool-inducing digital dose of deliciousness. Not that we’re counting calories here, but we’ve identified just a few top foodie feeds sure to whet your appetite with some creative culinary curation.


If you like your food photos without a lot of extras - then Jake Cohen’s menu of so-real-you-can-practically-taste-the-goodness offerings is just what you need. Get up close and personal with gorgeous images of all the fan favorites. It’s a meat-lovers paradise for sure, but even a veggie heavy salad here seems to tip the scales. It’s all about the food, and oh what food it is, but Jake will throw in an occasional guest appearance to mix things up, almost like a palate cleanser between slip-smacking courses. This is the one that’ll have you going back for seconds.


The “chef” behind the self-proclaimed alter-ego here is Alyssa Ponticello. And just where is she running away to? All over the darn globe it seems. Much more than foodie snapshots, what Allyssa brings to your feed is wonderfully collected experiences. A good balance of food and fashion that puts an emphasis on fabulous location, all of the imagery is quite artfully composed. Carefree yet sophisticated, each pic will certainly class up your IG feed with slice-of-life postcards that’ll have you saying, “Wish You Were Her.”


The Instagram handle says it all. This is food-porn at its most shameless. Margeau Barnes is the the genius to blame for the guilty pleasure you’ll feel each time an over the top, dripping with cheese, triple stacked wonder of extravagance pops up on your phone. It’s all nicely presented, but substance wins over style for sure, as Margeau trades delicate beauty for pure brawn. You’ll catch yourself hiding your screen at times, and may feel you need to hit the gym a bit more. In this case, a picture is worth a 1000 calories.


Now, for something lighter. Marisel Salazar and her perfectly composed diet of delicious delicacies is the New Year’s resolution of food feeds after the gluttony of the holidays. You’ll feel good about yourself again as you scroll through this collection of gorgeous simplicity, all of it put together with great skill and attention to detail. It’s all wonderfully considered and gives a nice taste of person and place, along with the gorgeous plates.


Brooklyn is in the house, and it’s a bit of a madhouse when you’ve got the Buoy Brothers popping onto your feed. Jack and Graham don’t take themselves so seriously, and that’s the point. Their food is served up with an extra helping of clever wit, creativity and camp. It’s not frivolous though, there’s plenty merit to the madness. There’s great shots here, and great eats – but mostly it just looks like great fun.