Jul 21 - 22

Sound Off™ Silent Disco

We’re back again, for Sound Off™ Silent Disco at the Seaport District!

Come down to Clinton Hall on July 21st, to party outdoors at the Sound Off™ Silent Disco, featuring sounds curated by our Sound Off™ DJs! With 3 DJs and multiple genres at any time, dance all night while listening to your favorite Hip Hop, R&B, EDM, House, and Pop tracks through wireless Sound Off™ Headphones!

What is Sound Off™ Silent Disco?

It’s the ultimate dance party experience. Wireless Sound Off™ Headphones let each attendee control their own volume and tune in to up to three channels of audio from a live DJ and genre-specific playlists. Each headphone channel illuminates in a different color, so you’ll always know which channel your friends are listening to!

Visit eventbrite.com for tickets.