Sep 19 - Oct 31

Seaport Social Cinema


Make a 60 second film inspired by the Seaport with the theme: discovery. This is your opportunity to showcase your talent, tell your story, or someone else's story. From the serious to the sublime, or the highly crafted drama to the comedic absurd. The sky is the limit! 

As with any competition we have a couple of prerequisites. First, your film needs to feature one or more element inspired by the Seaport District NYC. And we don’t mean literally (although it could be). You just need one element integrating the fabric of the Seaport through the lens of discovery. We suggest you watch the films we’ve shared on our Instagram account @southstreetseaport to help provide inspiration. Second, the specs must work for Instagram. Third, you need to agree and abide by the criteria set forth in the official rules found below. 

The deadline for entry is October 31st and remember, "Likes" help your chances of winning!


To enter, Sign up for our Social Cinema Contest by agreeing to contest rules on the entry website. After you sign up make a film up to 60 seconds, post to Instagram using #SeaportSocialCinema . All finalists will be required to submit HD Video Files in order to be considered for the grand prize.

Find Your Inspiration